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Turning Darkness into Light

As humans we are a whirlwind of emotions. Some feeling them way deeper than others. We hold on to the mantra that is so commonly used, " you just don't understand" . I hear this so often and I too am guilty of using this this to justify my emotional state. The truth is no one is ever going to fully understand how you are feeling. As humans though, we are designed with compassion & love for one another. This gives us the opportunity to sympathize with those around us. Keeping those emotions locked inside us can literally destroy our lives. We must learn how to release that negative energy, but how?

We need to realize that emotions are just energy that is trapped inside each of us, but its what we do with that energy that determines it effect on us. We hold the power to use this energy in a negative or positive way. Either way it will empower us, taking control of our day & eventually our lives.

Meditation is an excellent way to release the emporium of emotions that is hiding deep within us. Meditation cannot change a situation or the things that have happened to us, but it can change our perspective. We can learn how to process all that we are feeling & how to release it.

Mother Earth is waiting for us to come to her each day, ready for us to giver her all that negative energy that we are holding on to. We have to trust our connection with the natural world we live in & the great universe that feels everything we do. We know the earth is below us, sustaining & supporting us. We can connect with Mother Earth by simply stepping outside.

Closing your eyes, allow your shoulders to melt away from your ears & begin taking several deep breaths. As you breath in, take a second to notice what your breath is like. Does is travel deep within you or does your chest barely rise? Envision your lungs filling with beautiful, positive energy, filling your body with life. Feeling the elements around you, the wind on your face, the sun as it warms your skin, the sounds that surround you, the smell of the earth as it fills your lungs. As you exhale, allow all of those sensations to simply melt away, releasing that negative energy, opening your mouth let it go. Again inhaling that positive energy deeper this time as your body slowly begins to release all that tension. Exhaling nice & slow as you feel you body submitting to Mother Earth. Repeat this 5-10 more times. After finding some stillness to absorb all that peacefulness that you have just created. Allow the arms to rise up as you gather all the positive energy, exhaling the hands to heart center, gently bowing to show gratitude for the earth & its healing power. -Namaste

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