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Self Love Meditation

In this month of February so much attention is put on Love. Love of a partner, loved ones, gifts of love. But, have we taken into consideration the love of self? Often, loving our self is last on the list. There's so much emphasis on taking care of everyone else that including "us" on that list is rarely considered, or we brush ourselves off with a "I'll get to me later".

For this month's meditation, I challenge you to take 10 minutes for self love, to really tune in to YOU.

Remember, taking good care of yourself increases your ability to happily love others and to feel more in tune and content within our own bodies.

My hope is that this 10 minute self-care meditation will become a habit and maybe your time and effort into YOU will grow in length and depth in other new areas of self love.

This Self Love Mediation can be done as many times as you like.

Self Love Mediation

Begin by coming into a comfortable seat, cross-legged or lying down. Get comfortable and gently close your eyes.

~It has been said that your inhale is your ability to receive and your exhale is your ability to give. Notice which breath you are spending more time doing.

When we spend more time with one over the other, this is a betrayal of self. This is not very loving.

~Take notice of how your breath is and consciously begin to smooth it out.

~Let us move into evening the breath out by taking several rounds of Sama Vritti Pranayama, which can also be known as boxed breathing.

There are 4 parts to this Pranayama (inhaling, holding our breath, exhaling, and holding our breath out). We will move through 4 parts with a count of 4.

*If at any time you feel uncomfortable with any part of this Pranayama, please listen to your body and release the counting or holds and simply return to breathing in and out smoothly.

Let's begin:

Inhale, counting to 4 silently to yourself

Gently hold your breath in at the top of the inhale for a count of 4

Exhale softly out for a count of 4. Let go of any tension. Soften through jaw, neck, shoulders, belly

Gently hold your breath out for a count of 4

Repeat 4x

~ Letting Sama Vritti go. Take a soft, natural breath in and out.

~Next, bring all of our focus, mental energy and attention to the center of the chest so we can connect to our heart. Breathe in and out of your heart center. (Placing our hands at the center of our chest can help us feel more connected here)

~From this place, let us ask ourselves some questions. Letting whatever comes up be present and meeting it all with compassion and acceptance. Simply be a witness.

*As you breathe, bring to mind something physical that you love about yourself. Perhaps it is shape of your nose, your figure, or any one of your organs helping to keep you alive.

Acknowledge that one thing. Hold it in gratitude. Keep smoothly breathing.

*Next, bring to mind one thing you love about yourself that is mental. Such as how you show up for yourself or others, your intellect, your kindness, your humor.

Again, acknowledge it. Continue to smoothly breathe and hold this one mental thing in gratitude.

*Lastly, bring to mind something you love about yourself emotionally, Perhaps it is your sensitivity, your vulnerability, your access to a specific emotion.

Acknowledge this brilliant part of you. Smoothly breathe and hold it in gratitude.

~If your hands are not at your heart center, please place them there now.

With all of our attention focusing on our heart space, see the color green. Breathing in and breathing out from our heart center.

Green is the color of growth, so let yourself become more radiant with each breath, knowing you are growing in gratitude of your self.

~Pause in this radiance for as long as you would like. Letting thoughts come and go. Feeling yourself breathe. Feel the gratitude of self.

~Then, begin to deepen the breath. Slowly begin to move your fingers and toes. Flutter your eyes open. Take in your surroundings.

~Draw your hands into prayer at your heart center in gratitude for all of YOU.

~Bring a smile to you face.

Have a wonderful day!


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