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My Body-YourBody-Every Body

I remember the very first yoga class I've ever taken. The teacher, a lady I attended church with, approached me at church one Sunday and invited me. She asked if I ever practiced yoga before, and explained that it would be really good for me physically and mentally. I wasn't really sure what all yoga was, but all that following week I geared myself up to go.

I wanted to know more about what I was getting myself into so where else to turn but the internet. I hopped on the web in search of something that would explain what I would be doing. I had this misconception that yoga was some sort of ritualistic thing that only certain people fitting into a specific cultural background could participate in. Being the internet and all its glory, I also read where some said it was evil and you could only practice if you believed in Buddha...... Well shit after reading all that I certainly wasn't as hyped up as I had been only minutes before.

I decided I to set all that on the back burner for now. I then clicked on images, images of yogis who were doing things that I was sure if my body ever did, it could never be undone. After scrolling the internet for sometime I simply decided I just couldn't go. I was already thinking of excuses as to why I wouldn't be "able" to make it to class. I pushed it all out of my mind and carried on through my day.

Later in the week I found still mulling over this class. You see my curiosity like to nag at me until I see things for myself. So Friday morning rolls around, I argue with myself all morning, all the way to class in fact. Once in the room people start filling up spaces with their mats. I am warmed by many smiling faces, even the lady who politely told me I was in her spot was smiling the entire time she spoke. The lights soon dimmed, relaxing music filled the room, and everyone seemed to get lost in their own self as we started to stretch and moves our bodies. I noticed every single body in that room, but you know what I also noticed? No one noticed me. Everyone was focused on themselves, their own journey of self discovery, and it had zero to do with me. All that stress, worry, anxiety, loneliness I have been feeling, even the hesitation I felt about class started to melt away.

I loved it so much that I continued coming back and within a few weeks started my own journey to becoming a yoga instructor. I share this with you because its so easy to scroll the internet, to see all these other people doing seemingly impossible things with their bodies in relation to yoga, and suddenly that's all you see. That vision now becomes the sole "idea" of what you think yoga is. It has set the foundation for you believing yoga can only be done if we look a certain way, dress a certain way, eat certain foods, we exercise daily, the list goes on and on. I want to stop you right here... these are all the things yoga is not.

Yoga is a journey within yourself. Each moment spent on the mat is another opportunity to discover something beautiful about yourself. It's about letting go of all the old ideas, while opening yourself up to new ones. Its learning patience, practicing stillness, listening to your body. Every movement allows for a deeper connection within yourself, while strengthening your body from the inside out.


-Love & Light, H

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