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As we navigate through life's journey, do you ever find yourself feeling as though your just burnt out? Life is filled with to-do lists, and responsibilities, demands from work, children, marriage, our personal lives, simply not enough hours in the day. Struggling to get through each day and feeling like it just isn"t enough? I have felt this way for sometime now. If I am being real here its absolutely fucking exhausting. When is enough really ever enough? How do we find balance in each day?

I started taking this "exhaustion" seriously about 8 months ago. I woke up early, still dark outside, the house quiet, I grabbed my coffee and headed outside. As I sat in stillness I found myself feeling very exhausted. I mean I slept good the night before, went to bed early, rested well yet I felt so over life. As the sun started to rise the sky turned shades of pink & red. I began to wonder how many people never get to see the sun rise, never sit in stillness upon waking, allowing quiet time before all the noise of the world sets in?

I turned 40 this year and life doesn't quite look as though I thought it should. I made the decision to close my business last year. It was not an easy decision but a necessary one none the less. I am not telling you to go out and quit your job by any means, I am however sharing what I feel. I had no plan B, there was no job I was transferring in to. That was scary as hell and almost a year later I am still confident I made the right choice. I have co-owned a Yoga Studio for almost 3 years now so that provides some sense of relief of being completely unemployed. Its definitely not a career you will get rich from but it is so blissfully fulfilling. I find purpose, I find belonging every class I teach.

This season of life is slower than it was a year ago and I believe we need to be utterly aware of just how exhausted we really become over time. How vital is is for us to slow down, realizing life is more than just working and surviving. If I am being completely transparent your probably asking right about now.."how the hell are we supposed to slow down, do you know what my life looks like?" That is a really valid question that often leaves us feeling hopeless because we struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

BUT.... there is hope!!! A little hope goes a long way. You can start today, right this very moment even by evaluating areas of your life that you do have control over. We control what we eat, what we listen to, our circle of friends, our morning/evening routines, we get to decide these things. I mean it may not sound like extravagant things here but they are life changing. One small adjustment at a time can start to open doors to a calmer, more wholesome life.

As we transition out of summer and in to Fall, I invite you to make room in your busy day for a little stillness. Wake up a few minutes early to set an intention for your day, take a few moments in the evening for reflection. Our bodies need stillness, it's nourishing for the soul. Make time for yourself, you matter, you have purpose, you owe it to yourself.

Peace & Love to you always -H

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