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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Best Answers

Which class is best suited for me?

No matter the skill level, all students can navigate most classes at Bhakti Yoga & Wellness and will find helpful modifications throughout all of our classes.  If you are still unsure, please reach out to us for a brief chat and we'll help you choose the class best for you.

*Knowledge of verbiage and postures is helpful when attending Intermediate/Advanced classes.  

Is scheduling in advance required to attend classes?

At this time, we kindly ask all students to prebook their classes.  This allows us to manage the number of students in class and keep everyone healthy and safe.

Can I book a private session?

Private sessions are a tremendous way for any student to deepen their practice whether it be for body movement or for nutrition.  By investing in private sessions, students will have one-on-one attention with a certified instructor in an artfully tailored class suited for your specific needs and goals.  Not all private sessions need be for beginners.  Seasoned practitioners may find greater depth within their practice, such as wanting to focus on a specific asana, learn more about Pranayama or learn ways to properly fuel the body with a meal plan.  Please inquire for pricing.

What is Bhakti Yoga & Wellness' Cancellation Policy?

We know life happens and if you are unable to attend a class we kindly ask for you to let us know as early as possible.  
Early Cancel within 2 hours of your scheduled class and you will not be charged.  Late Cancel 15 minutes or less to your scheduled class and you will be charged for the scheduled class.  
The following instances will be in consideration for canceling class 1 hour prior to its start time: 
*If there is only 1 client signed up
*Inclement weather 
*Teacher Illness
We will do our best to notify each client via their contact information on file and the canceled class will be removed from our daily schedule.

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